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Max Raider inadvertently finds himself squarely in the crosshairs of a devious plot to overthrow the American government; a coup d’état fueled by dodgy politicians, opportunists and ill-advised social justice warriors whose loyalty is far removed from We the People.

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.45 ACP Rules Are For Rubes Book Cover



Compelling and relatable, the tough private investigator Max Raider comes to life in .45 ACP – RULES ARE FOR RUBES. The raw and earthy prose is smart and engaging with enough character development and action to keep .45 ACP an entertaining page-turner.

The story takes place in one of the most unlikely cities in America, where the weather is either bone-chilling cold or as hot and muggy as a Louisiana swamp. Yeah, Rochester, Minnesota – a land of extremes matched only by the felonious characters in .45 ACP that deliver on the dark side of the unexpected. 

Forged in the crucible of peril, Max Raider looms large in the middle of intrigue and violence. In the words of Max, “A gun trumps blather every day of the week, pal; it’s your choice, make it real or take a dirt nap!”

Max Raider will continue to impose justice upon all comers in future spellbinding adventures that will take him to more exotic locales.

Meet Max Raider

The art of manliness personifies Max Raider. A man of faith, and a man of action, he doesn’t take a back seat to anyone. Growing up on the rough side of town where killing men for little or no reason is a common occurrence, Max was left to fend for himself at an early age. He managed to survive and graduate from the School of Hard Knocks. Nevertheless, he was subsequently mentored by two men, two righteous men that took notice of Max and his potential. They were men who knew how to take care of themselves from within and outside the law. They schooled Max in the subtle nuances of hand to hand combat and the deadly use of firearms. They also introduced him to God and made sure he knew from where his strength was derived.

There’s more to Max than brute force; with a peculiar sense of right and wrong, Max takes extreme exception to men who impose their will upon the weak among us and who keep that which is not theirs to possess. Now in his early fifties, Max is a rugged and handsome man, a throwback to a previous time when women loved men for their strength of character. Max may be living in the wrong century, but he never abandoned his sense of purpose. To this day, he remains true to himself and to the values of decency.

In the words of Max Raider

My father often said: “Max, I don’t care if you grow up to be a garbage collector; just make damn sure you’re the best garbage collector there is, and you’ll do all right.” With that eloquent piece of advice as my guiding star, I made it my life’s work to bring less than stellar examples of humanity to justice.

About the Author

For nearly three decades, David Hass has uniquely crafted compelling résumés that helped skilled professionals from around the world find new opportunities. Always the passionate wordsmith, David redirected his writing skills to pulp fiction and honed them to a razor’s edge in the art of the short story. He has shaped the plots, prose, and dialogue of his first short story “.45 ACP – RULES ARE FOR RUBES” into a powerhouse of crime noir. His flair for turning a phrase along with his creative storytelling has enabled him to reach his inner Walter Mitty.

In The Works!


When lawmen fail to discover an agent of death during a routine homicide investigation, Max pursues the truth about who killed the heir apparent to the Pulaski banking fortune, Carl Pulaski. What Max uncovers are two people separated by ancient and popular culture in the same place at the same time. Two people who fall into a deadly storm of lust and mistaken intentions. It’s where danger wrapped around a young woman like a blanket of fog-laden air gave way to a man’s blood cooling on the pavement of a dark and quiet alley.

A trust fund baby who embraced debauchery as though it was a virtue, Carl Pulaski pandered to worldly women who satisfied more than just his ego. He was a man lost unto himself, a man enabled by an indulgent and doting mother and a father too busy making money to pay attention to what Carl needed most.

Carl had all the trappings of success. A luxury condominium, sports car, and plenty of cash were his to do as he pleased. However, the outward appearance of his prosperity was misleading. It was his father’s wealth that fueled Carl’s comfortable yet reckless lifestyle. That enabling factor made it possible for him to bed down naïve starstruck college girls searching for a sugar daddy and older women trying to recapture the novelty of youthful indiscretions. Morally bankrupt, Carl lacked the willpower to become a man of sound character and substance. At age thirty-two, Carl made a name for himself; the problem was, it cost him his life and his soul.

In the scheme of things, Carl was not endearing. Nevertheless, driving Max toward uncovering the identity of Carl’s killer was the lingering childhood admonition of his mother when she said, “two wrongs never make a right.” That tired expression was lingering between Max’s ears like a catchy jingle. Regardless, the challenge that lay before Max was to resurrect the identity of Carl’s killer and deliver a healthy dose of justice.



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Max Raider, a man of faith, and a man of action doesn’t take a back seat to anyone.  He takes extreme exception to men who impose their will upon the weak among us and who keep that which is not theirs to possess. Follow Max.

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